Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's great to be 8 . I just can't believe that it has happened. The advice I get is to enjoy them while they are young. Well... I think I am but it still is going by so quickly. I remember when we started college and thinking the end is so far away. Well.... we made it to the end and added a few years. We only have 10 more years to until he is off to college. Crazy! Anyways enough about that lets move to talk about his greatness. G' loves growing up he is even doing a little business, renting a bounce house out, to make some money to buy a motorcycle. He has such a big heart he doesn't want anyone to sad or experience pain. He is always willing to help me and teach me how I could do it better or efficeint. He is such an amazing boy and is so determined.
I love this little boy

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Anonymous said...

where is this location at? I love it!