Sunday, September 23, 2007

He can't be

He's already got girls playing the little games.....I know it's wierd but that's how girls show there affection.
It's just way too soon and I'm screaming inside.

I was teasing him that I should get a picture of his muscles.....he got a little embarassed.
I love what I captured here.

I love this little smirk or smile I'm not sure what it is....but it's a lot like his Dad.


Carin Davis said...

oooh....i love the images on the train tracks! his outfit is adorable and the the texture is fabulous!

what a handsome boy!!!

Brianna Graham said...

Jess! Wow... what a great set of images you have here... I adore the first and the second ones you posted. Great work!!


Dandelions & Daisies Photography said...

Fantastic pics Jess! Made my mouth drop open :)
Susan (from the Pei Wei dinner!!)

Alisha said...

WOWZERS! How handsome is he!!!! Fab the color tones!!!!!