Monday, December 10, 2007

I had to cry the other night

Because my external hard drive was formated so I couldn't get to any of my photos from it. So, I called my neighbor ( lucky for me this is his job) and asked if he could recover my images. In tears ,he came over to get my hard drive and said not to worry that he could fix it...and 48 hours later he did. He also gave me a lesson on how to file my work (cause it was a mess). So, needless to say I have a little work on my hands to get my files cleaned up and get another external so I have 2 backups. For those photographers out there that visit my blog I'm thinkin' you can feel my pain and hopefully this does not happen to you.



Carin said... scary! I am so glad he fixed it for you!!!

Jennifer said...

oh I totally understand what you are going through. Back almost two months ago I lost my computer completely and there was a session there that I hadn't saved some where else as a backup, and I was freaking out. But my hubby managed to recover my files so Icould save them in other places including my new computer.