Saturday, January 12, 2008


Here are a few for you Michelle. Little "A" was a run for my money but little "R" was as sweat as can be. I love this very first one. Just shows how much a mom loves her baby.

Little "A" running around my backdrop
While he was running around my backdrop he discovered some books that needed to be read.
Here he is again avoiding me at all costs
Oh...I got him looking at me


Holly said...

Love that first picture!!! Great job at catchin the little one lookin at you! the big baby eyes! So sweet!

stephanie said...

beautiful job as usual jess! they turned out so nicely. such a talented girl. thanks for letting me tag a long!

stephanie said...
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stephanie said...

jess, great new header!

Laura said...

Adorable! I love the one of him reading and then of him on the couch. Love that couch and your patterned backgrounds btw! Your new header looks great!