Wednesday, October 17, 2007

For Holly
Yet another family photo in the fall colors. I LOVE fall my most favorite time and this year has been wonderful...we have been able to enjoy it for a time before the snow comes. This photo shoot only lasted 30 minutes I think that's my record. It was a little cold so it was a little short and sweet but I think there is some good stuff.
Thank you it was so much fun!

So, I get in the car and little "C" starts to cry when he looked at me. That's not the kind of reaction I am used to getting as a photographer. my defense I am his nursery leader and he gets to cry for a little bit so that he can get used to staying with me and not mom. He's has warmed up to me quit a bit.

I love how serious little "C" is here. You can tell he hasn't been trained to say cheese yet!


Carin Davis said...

oooh! I love #2! What a sweet expression!!!

mindy said...

These turned out great! Jordan (my son) is terrified of his nursery leader, so I am really impressed:)

Holly said...

Thank you so much for taking pictures of our family. Our kids really love getting pictures, maybe that's why it only took 30 minutes??? The pics turned out wonderful!Thanks a million!!!

Laura said...

These are wonderful! Love the first two. Such a gorgeous location. It's hard to imagine you being somewhere where you can get cold. It was SOOOO hot here today in Tx.