Friday, June 13, 2008


When I see cute kids I want to photograph them. I have on occasion asked if I could photograph their child and I'm thinking it sounds a little stockerish so I have stopped (okay I have actually only done it twice) but this is one of the families I asked and I think she was willing because we went to Junior High together so I think there was some trust. How could I not ask them look at how beautiful they are. Thanks Amber it was a lot of fun!!!








He has the bluest eyes. I need to post the color one of this.


I can't decide which one I like



Brooke said...

oh goodie! I need this for my shoot tomorrow! you do families sooooo well!

Angie Monson said...

AMAZING!!! They are going to freaking die over these!

Stephanie McBride said...

loving it jess!!!!! i told you you rocked this one. amazing-you should be proud! how could they not love these. thanks for letting me tag along!

Raquel said...

GOrgeous shots...make me smile!

Lindsay said...

These are fabulous. I love the family one in the grass.

Jennifer said...

these are awesome, that first one is my favorite!

Jeana Bird said...

HOLY COW JESS! These are incredible! I love all of them.

Keri & Corey said...

The are going to LOVE these. I can't pick a faorite. All of the individuals of he boys are great.

carin davis said...

they are beautiful...
and so is your work!!!!!

Stueller said...

I need to stop by more often. I didn't for a week and now there are all these fabulous pictures ;)