Tuesday, July 22, 2008


...by my very talented photographer friend Megan It really was a challage to think about me and what I do (I must not do it very often). So, I guess I will play along...and I've been asked to name 7 quirky things about me...ummmm, it really took me some to come up with something...but here goes.

1. I love to laugh. In High School I was labeled most contagiuos laugh (I think it was hard for them to choose between most likely to succeed or most popular). I will laugh at anything trust me if you get hurt and its pretty funny you will get laughed at. My kids know this all to well. Here's a good story my son was tired of his hiccups we tried everything from him holding his breath to drinking pickle juice. The only thing left was to scare him...so I did and he was terrified but what happened...his hiccups were gone. It was a good laugh enough to cry.

Oh...and that Nepolian Dinamite was so funny that I cried then too.

2. I have to sleep with my window open...got to get that yucky morning breath air out...ya know what I mean. And the extra advantange to that is you get to snuggle in your blankets cause it's so cold in your room (my DH doesn't like it very much in the winter).

3. I love to bug (irritate, annoy, taunt) people...but try to do it back and you may get kicked...in the nuts, sorry honey!

4. I love to mow the lawn.

5. I am an addict...yes, I am addicted to sugar...anything sugar you've got me.

6. I hate the smell of coffee I think it's disgusting.

7. I love anything with salt, so that pickle juice thing to get rid of hiccups...love it, salt and vinegar chips, and just plain old salt on anything I eat. I've been told I may die sooner but for now it's really good.
j/k...I am really giving it a good try to be healthier.

Now it's time for me to tag 6 people: Angie, Brooke, Jean, Jennifer, Sheena, Shelley


Brooke said...

oh fancy I love these things! your weird! pickles really? and yes you do torment me ...meanie

Amy Lindstrom said...

You make me laugh! I loved your comment about Greg making you laugh at church and in the temple. It made me laugh! You two are the PERFECT pair!

You laugh IS contagious! But seriously, isn't that a great thing?! I love to laugh!

Angie Monson said...

funny, yours were good, I couldn't think of anything that interesting. I should have just copied and pasted yours...


Jennifer said...

thank you for the tag girl, I will try my darndess to get mine done this week! Thanks for sharing this with us about you as well.

Mandi said...

Jess can you send me in the right direction for smoothing skin in photoshop? I'm at a loss.

Keri and Corey said...

I loved these answers! I agree with your contagious laugh, I think it is one of your defining characterisitics. I just remember you taunting and laughing at gabe when he was like 2, you guys are seriously so funny. I do love your laugh!! I am in agreeance with Mandi. I am trying my own trick with my weak PSE 6.0 and just can not seem to get it right.
Do you have any trade secrets that you could share for the skin thing?
thanks for your comment!!! I do LOVE my lens. Still learning with it though I need to be better at controlling my DOF! I am still working on the crispness thing with my photos too! I don't know if I am just afraid to photoshop to much or what...anyway peace out!

Brenda said...

You do have the most contagious laugh ever!! Too fun, I enjoyed reading it!

Holly said...

Another reason you remind me of my sister is your #2 answer. She's always talking about yucky morning breath air! How funny!
The laughing thing...I'm right there with ya! Maybe we should share stories:o)

Jean Smith Photography said...

i am totally cracking up at your answers. crazy how these tagging things can make you totally feel like you know someone. anyway, since you tagged me, i guess i better think about my crazy, quirky self and get typing!

carin davis said...

We have 2 4, 6 & 7 in common! All the bugging I do is, although frequent I am sure...purely unintentional! ;)

btw...I didn't know pickle juice got rid of hiccups!!!