Friday, July 06, 2007

The Big Day
My oldest is getting bapstized into the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (this takes place at the age of 8for those of who don't know). It started out pretty busy getting everything ready. I got to give a talk, and there was food to prepare for something to munch on after and getting everyone ready took a little bit of time before 11:30. In the end it all worked out and we were even on time. I didn't get any pictures inside so I decide to get some with the temple in the background since the stake center was right by it. We were rushing to get to the house so that we didn't have people waiting. So, the idea was to snap a few pictures get some with Dad and a few without. I snapped the one's with Dad and he was on his way. Well, kind of, I needed some more room with my lense cause I had my 50mm on and I wanted more of the temple in the background. Not thinking I stepped out behind the van and crouched done and as my husband was leaving in the van (we had 2 vehicles here and I was in the truck so he left in what he came in) he backed up into me and threw me to the ground. I was shocked as to what had happened to me (I couldn't see cause my camera was up to my face) and realized the van was still moving I curled up to get out of the way of the tires and he had stopped. On Greg's end he had heard a THUMP....... BUMP.......BUMP.........and saw a priceless expression on G's face and new right then he had hit me. He got out to make sure I was okay (I was still in a little bit of shock) also looking at my camera to see if that got bumped or hit the ground "I told him I was okay" and he was off. Gabe came running over to me to see if I was okay and gave me a hug. We started our drive over to the BBQ and he was thinking of all the ways Dad could have avoided it but I also told him that I shouldn't have been there in the first place interesting how it became an object lesson. It will be interesting to say how the day will be remebered. The story isn't told that well written but I think you get the idea. Everytime now we leave my husband always looks for any photographers behind him..... REAL FUNNY.........HA HA HA...

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