Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I just loved Angie's birthday card so I had to use it for my little E' for her birthday announcement.
I seriously can't believe it's here. When I was talking to Angie today she helped to realize that it was actually next week. So..... scrabling to get a party together.
What I love about my little E' is that she is so innocent and very much a child. You know how there are some children that want to be grwon up (like my little B'). Well.... that's not for my little E' everything about her is very childike and pure. It's fun....... I get to still enjoy my little girl.

Mom......."I'm having a HAPPY DAY!" that's what she said to me the other day


Carin Davis said...

I love the second pictures! It is fabulous!!!!

Jess said...

Thanks Carin...... you are so nice to leave me a comment. I have been loving your photos lately too.