Wednesday, May 07, 2008

2-in-1 Posts Today

I had to take my 3rd little peanut out for some photos today. My Matilda Jane order came in and I just had to get out and photograph Elyse in them and of course another fun location I found.



something a little more like her.




Angie Monson said...

man she just kills me, she is just too cute. so much personality and I might have to put her in my pocket.

Holly said...

You really captured her personality! Such a cutie!

Brooke said...

she looks like a hoot! your planned shoots go WAY better than mine! boo ;) I think if Im alone one I will have to go one kid at a time! haha I about rammed my camera lens into every tree running after my little guy.

Sara Boulter said...

What a beautiful child you have! Goodness! Is she the one that gives you a hard time taking pictures?

Share the love, where is this? Take me there!

Laura said...

Love that 4th picture down. What a little model. Cute clothes, too!