Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blue Collar Boy

It's totally in his blood born and bread to work the construction life. He loves everything about it from his most prized hammer all the way to the tractors.




Unitl next time...


Stephanie McBride said...

i totally love seeing his little tool belt around his waist, what a fun, refreshing shoot.
love all 3! your awesome jess.

Angie Monson said...

maybe you should just hire him to do all the work, you could probably just pay him in M&M's or something.

He is just so cute.


carin davis said...



The Schoonies said...

Jess - These pictures are so cute! What a fun way to capture his personality!

heddomarie said...

These are so fun! I was trying to choose my favorite but I just can't do it!

Tracey Kendall said...

can l just tell you that l love everything about this post captured a true little boy :)...thats what it is all about!
Awesome pictures

Jess said...

Thank you...thank you! He is my little boy thru and thru.

Laura said...

Ok, these are so DARN cute! Do you mind if I copy??