Monday, September 15, 2008

Just a few

Kisha I'm sorry it took me so long to get to the post but needless to say you have some to look at on the web while the CD is in the mail.
My favorites are of the abandoned house but it seems everytime I go to one I get kicked off...but this guy was nice. He let me take a few before we left. I don't see the problem because I am only shooting on the outdside but I can understand that it is a liability for the owner. So, I hope one day that I can find a house that the owner wont care if I'm there. And just for the record I always ask the client if they want to go and there may be a possiblity of getting kicked off and if they are game then we will give it a try. It is a litte hard to track down the owner of an abandoned home so I just wait for them to come to me.









Amy Lindstrom said...

OK I LOVE the old house! There are 2 abandoned houses that I know of that you could use, but well, you will have to come to Sun Valley! :) I know, I know...I am such an arm twister! :)

Sara Boulter said...

Gorgeous. You're brave, too! Love the location.

Did you get the templates okay?

Blush said...

oh I just love the first ones pose and the second ones edt!

Vanessa said...

I love them! I agree on the whole abandoned house thing! I love her dress it is so different! I love the 2nd one WOW!!!

You always have such good "EYE CANDY!"

Keri said...

These are beautiful, and what a unique dress! she is really sweet, these remind me of timeless old fashion beauty.

You are inspiration!

Karen Jensen said...

Those are beautiful! You have an amazing eye! Love the last one especially.

Jess said...

You ladies are all very kind.

...and to be honest as a photographer I think I have been in a funk lately. I hope I can get out of it soon. I want the wow factur again. It seems like it comes and goes though (but this is my opinion and the perfectionist in me)

Art Photographs said...

Well Jess, you still wow me! (especially with you recent senior session amazing!) I know how it feels to be a perfectionist, we are all our own worst critics.

With all of that said, I love the 2nd shot, those sun rays are, well, WOW!!

Angela Fielding said...

I don't know what your talking about! It's all in your head. Because your work is definetly that of a perfectionist! The WOWness is evident in every shot!! So get over yourself! And keep posting! Your work is my entertainment!

Heather Cluff Photography said...

#2 is perfect!

Kayleen T. said...

Wow I soo luv the picture with light shining down on here in front of the house! beautiful!