Saturday, September 06, 2008

She's the boss

Well, aren't all 2 year olds the boss?

I wanted to post some of tonight to give you some peace of mind. I think they are beautiful and can't wait to edit all of them. I know I will be posting more later.

Anyways it was fun to see you guys again. You have the cutest family your kids are so well behaved and I have to say love this job because I get to see all my old friends from those good ol' high school days...Kyle too bad I don't have those blackmail photos of you and Corby in my swimming suits (you may have erased that from your memory but I haven't it was pretty darn funny). I hope you like them as much as I do...more to come later, maybe tomorrow.



I love this new edit. It's fun to change it up.






Stephanie McBride said...

that last one is awesome! i think we all know what that is like and i love that you got that one on camera. she will so love that years down the road :)

Sunshine said...

appropriately titled!! She was such a happy little busy mess. I'm glad you caught those moments. I'm so excited & anxious to see more.
I wish you had the photo's of Kyle & Corby, I would for sure pay good money for those. That story comes up every now & then during those "remember when" moments. Now that I think of it, not so sure I would want a visual. haha!!
Thank you so much. It was so good to see you again.

Jennifer said...

aww these are adorable, what a beautiful family!

Alisha E. said...

Oh these are FANTASTIC & I LOVE that little girls outfit. SOOO cute!!!!

Karen Jensen said...

It looks like that was a fun shoot:) What a cute family! cute chots...cute cute cute!