Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am a lucky girl

This is my mom and step dad but we call him dad. These guys haven't been married for 35 years but it looks like it. I'm not sure, I will probably get in trouble by my mom, but I think it's been 5 years. Anyways, these 2 have a green thumb, of which, has one them many yard beautification contest and others I don't remember right now (I might get in trouble for that too...my mother claims I don't remember anything). I have reminded them that my house is full of projects but "no" they keep working on theirs...seriously, you gotta help a girl out.
So, it felt completely right to have the session in their backyard, to capture them in their element.

Enjoy! This is my favorite part of why I got into this business to capture my family for generations.









carin davis said...

gorgeous yard...and beautiful images! how fun to "meet" your parents!!!

Blush said...

oh I love it! your colors are always perfect

Stephanie McBride said...

now that is a backyard! beautiful couple and beautiful images. your mom has awesome hair, by the way. :)

Jeana Bird said...

Their backyard is so beautiful. I love how you captured them.

Amy Lindstrom said...

WOW! It is great to see your mom! I haven't seen her FOREVER it seems! Their yard is amazing!

Brenda said...

I love their backyard! So beautiful. Love the pics...they look great and so happy together.

Lindsay said...

What an amazing backyard. These images of both your parents and in-laws are all so beautiful. What a wonderfully important thing to capture too.

Steph and Bran said...

WOW. Their backyard is so beautiful!