Monday, August 18, 2008

Blog overload

And you ask...Why?
Well, it's because all the kids are gone I have one sleeping and the other is at a friends house (school starts next week for the Kindergarteners) and the other 2 they are at school. Now, I can actually have a clean house and enjoy some peace and quiet, and what comes with this new found freedom...I can catch up.

I wanted to share in this post that my 7 year daughter took this photo. She loves that I have a new camera and she gets to take pictures with it.



carin davis said...

you are a lucky girl!!!!!!!!!
love the picture!!!! she nailed the focus!!!! she must take after her mom!!!

Stephanie McBride said...

oh my!!!!! my favorite of all!!!! jess, its breathtaking.

Jamie Sampson said...

WOW! Please tell your daughter she rocks! Totally awesome! I know totally awesome is a bit 1980's but when a picture looks like that it deserves a totally awesome! Congrats on the new camera! How exciting! What did you get?

Haley said...

That picture is amazing.. wow.. good job little one! And your trip to the Narrows looked beautiful. I love the Narrows.. :)