Thursday, August 21, 2008

Terrific Two's

Many of you know that Angie (simplicity photography) is a good friend of mine possibly my BFF (don't you think Angie). Well lets say she is an inspiration and if she can take on 2 terrific two year olds I can take on my one. Here are some of the out takes I got and I do have to say I am completely in heaven with this little boy.

My absolute FAVORITE!








I found this really cool old truck awhile ago and have been dying to use and once I got to it he had had enough. Ya know I still have to snap those shots and he wasn't very happy with me.


Blush said...

the 3rd for the bottom is to die for cute he looks so bored :)

Kellie and Sterling said...

I love the colors! He is sooooo cute, amazing pics!

Heather said...

what a cutie! that first one is sooo fun! :)

heddomarie said...

What an absolute cutie!!!! That truck is awesome, you probably don't want to share where it is huh? hehe. :)

Stephanie McBride said...

mmmm, lovin all the color and the feeling in these shots. its funny i was thinking about taking annie out today too. must be something in the air.
once again, i adore your work!

jules lund said...

i met you at skyes workshop and have been following your work...which is awesome by the way. two year olds are hard but these are so cute! awesome locations. love it!

Angela Fielding said...

OH My Goodness! I can see why you are in heaven! What a honey! Ok so I am loving your locations! If ever want to swap locations call me, and I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.I am all about a good swap! Of course mine are south Utah county you may not want to come that far. I spend way to many hours hunting! Darling pictures!

Art Photographs said...

You really brought out the red in the wood it's deffinately not that red in person great pp! What a little cutie you have on your hands! We should get our little 2 year old rugrats together sometime to play.

Jennifer said...

these are absolutely stunning, loving your locations and colors!