Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy Baby!

Little "H" is 1 and what a beautiful age. She had mom and me sweating bullets ( well, at least I was) and after all said and done this is what I got.








Heather said...

sooo simple and cute! that tutu is so fun... it's bigger than her! :)
Also... LOVE your e-session in the last post!

Keri and Corey said...

hey you! this little girl is so cute, I think the last 2 are my favorite. I think I am going to try and make some of those backdrops I love the colorpop and the texture they create. Such a good idea for something different when your doing an indoor shoot.
I have missed blogging since my internet has been down. but I am back on line! yay! and hopefully I will be posting soon. I love that the kids are in school most of the bout you?

Vanessa said...

These are so cute! Love the backdrop! It is great!

You got some cute little faces :)

Angie Monson said...

Wow that backdrop looks familiar! lol

Jennifer said...

awww these are fabulous what a doll! love that background!

Jess said...

It does look familiar...huh!

Thanks everyone and I do have agree she does look like a doll.

Joni Streit Photography said...

love that backdrop. She is beautiful. Great shots!

AbiQ said...

Her tutu is to die for! and I LOVE the wallpaper/backdrop..