Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Fun senior sneek peek.

Elise your the best thanks for putting up with me and being another willing subject. Really photographing seniors is the best. It was really tough to choose my favorites but I had to stop somewhere.

Oh, and a shout out to Michelle who helped me figure out this color problem I have been having. I am so happy with the colors that are posting now. Thank you!!!!!!!









-michelle said...

aw, jess! you're so welcome!
i just adore your work!
your color is fantastic and i'm glad i could help you show it off!!

Stephanie McBride said...

ahhh, this is what ive been waiting for.
beautiful work jess. the colors are awesome.
lovn all of them.

Lindsay said...

These are wonderful, Jess. Love the color. Love the variety.

Art Photographs said...

Wow I just LOVE that flare shot it's perfection! your colors look fantastic! I agreee seniors are my new Fave so up for anything and so FUN!

Blush said...

lovin them all! great flare and I love the b&w head shots!

Jeana Bird said...

Gorgeous stuff Jess. I just love all of them!

Jennifer said...

these are absolutely beautiful, gorgeous girl!

Sara Boulter said...

She's gorgeous. These are fab fab fabulous.

Vanessa said...

Your color looks amazing, but it always does! Seniors are the best for sure! I am loving #1, beautiful!

Sami said...

Oh man. Your colors are amazing. Can you post how to keep your pictures bright? Mine always mute too and I can't figure it out. I was hoping it was here in the comments... but it wasn't.

P.S. You are amazing! I love coming here for inspiration.