Monday, August 18, 2008


I wanted to throw this photo on to test out the colors. When I edit they are so vibrant but when I post on blogger they seem a little dull to me.




Jess said...

A little better. I hate being so picky.

Lauri's Photography said...

Hi Jess, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll have fun checking yours out too.
And I have that editing problem too when I work on my Mac Laptop. I usually proof on my PC and the colors are fine. Makes me wonder if my Mac is color calibrated wrong.

Thanks for the hello!

heddomarie said...

I know what you mean. I am always frustrated with the colors on blogger, mine always looks nothing like it does in photoshop.

Kara May said...

Hey Jess! Gorgeous work you've been doing!! So I don't know if you've already figured this out since this post was at the beginning of the month. But reason your colors look more dull on blogger (or the web for that matter) is because of your ICC Profiles. The color space you're useing is Adobe RGB 1998 - if you save it in sRGB then you will preserve your colors for the web and your lab (your lab can print with either profiles, but the web can discern sRGB colors better than Adobe RGB colors). Hope that helps :) Your pictures ROCk anyway, I would never know you loss color punch in them. Fabulous work!